Additional Information

This page contains additional information for the benefit of our clients.

Recording Media

We can receive recordings in a wide range of formats: Mini Disc, Standard Cassette, Mini Cassette, Micro Cassette, CD, DVD, or any digitally encoded file either streaming over the internet or uploaded to a server (see below).

Transcription Styles

Transcription Types are defined on the side of this page as a general guide to common terminology, but we would be happy to provide your transcript in any form you wish.  Unlike many transcription companies, there is no change to the price of the work depending on whether you want Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim or Intelligent transcripts.  Scripts take a little longer so cost, on average, 30% more than plain audio transcripts.

Other Services

Below are a number of links to services that compliment those of Take A Letter. You may find these useful, particularly if you are trying to out-source aspects of your business.  These companies provide a range of services, from supplying dictation equipment to operating a 'virtual receptionist' service for those who need their telephones to be permanently manned but wish to save on the expense of employing full-time personnel.

For the supply of all your dictation equipment, Speech Write provides everything you need. We recommend the use of the Olympus DS range of digital speech recorders. Call 0121 236 2626, or email

      Phone: 0844 586 1330      Fax: 0844 586 1314       Email: