About Us

We have particular experience in working with British Colleges and Universities, transcribing research interviews and presentations.  Take A Letter can provide 'Verbatim', 'Intelligent Verbatim' or 'Intelligent' transcripts, according to the client's requirements (eg analysis, discussion or publication). 

If you are self-employed, freelance or if you manage a small to medium sized business with any requirement for typing services, Take A Letter may be able to help you; we can provide all your typing services, or just support you or your typing staff in the event of sickness, holidays or high loading.

Take A Letter also specialise in providing typing support services to office workers with physical disabilities who qualify under the Access To Work Scheme. We operate as a "virtual Support Worker", enabling workers to dictate their typing requirements down the phone.

      Phone: 0844 586 1330     Fax: 0844 586 1314       Email: office@takealetter.co.uk